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Wheel Guide

The cosmetic finish on a wheel not only makes a big difference to how the wheel looks, obviously but also how you will need to take care of the wheel to keep it looking good. Whether the wheels you’re looking at are painted, polished, machined, hypersilver, or chrome, it’s best to be armed with the knowledge of what those finishes really are, and how to go about caring for them before you buy.

The differences between aluminum alloy and steel wheels are tremendous, and it’s ultimately what you as the driver want out of your wheels that will determine which is the best choice for you.

The bolt pattern is the first and most fundamental fitment issue with wheels. Unless the bolt pattern is correct, the wheels will simply not fit on the car. Learn how to find your car’s bolt pattern in order to know that those awesome wheels you’re looking will even go on in the first place.

The most common issue when there are problems with aftermarket wheels come about because neither the buyer nor the seller understood the concept of hub-centric versus lug-centric. It is incredibly important when buying wheels to know why your wheels must be hub-centric and what to do to ensure that they are.

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